Vote for Ohio Kids is driving a powerful agenda that puts Ohio kids front and center. 

We know Ohio children are positioned for lifelong success if they are:


  • Mothers have healthy, full-term pregnancy and births

  • Children are healthy through their first birthday

  • Utilize appropriate integrated physical and behavioral healthcare

  • Eliminate lead hazards and mitigate the negative impact of lead exposure in children

  • Barriers to healthy development are identified early and addressed



  • Exposure to trauma and adverse childhood experience are reduced and negative impacts are mitigated

  • Are in stable families and are less likely to be entering custody and kinship care

  • Have secure attachments and nurturing relationships with adult caregivers



  • Experience a continuum of care and continuity of care with supported transitions

  • Benefit from family and community supports that contribute to their healthy development



  • Are meeting developmental milestones

  • Benefit from high quality early learning environments

  • Parents are supported to be their child’s first and best teacher


Only 40% of Ohio's Kids Come to

Kindergarten Ready for Success.

So it’s no surprise that only 43% of Ohio’s workforce has a degree or a credential for AVAILABLE jobs.

And yet, 65% of jobs in 2020 will require MORE THAN a high school diploma. Access to health care coverage from birth through childhood directly impacts educational outcomes and leads to improvements in overall health during adulthood—including lower rates of high blood pressure, diabetes after age 18, heart disease or heart attack, and obesity.

Today’s children are Ohio’s future workforce—and our policymakers must ensure our youngest learners have proven, high-quality, early childhood experiences and access to the highest quality healthcare that leads to physical, developmental and mental wellness. Our state's leaders must follow the evidence and invest where it matters the most for our kids, taxpayers, and Ohio’s future.


Ohio policymakers must listen to Ohioans and make early childhood education and access to quality healthcare a priority. A full 82% of all Ohio voters express strong support for state funding for quality early education programs for kids. Majorities in all parties support these programs—68% of Republicans, 84% of Independents and 95% of Democrats—making this a unique bipartisan issue. 


An overwhelming majority of Americans not only support funding access to healthcare for kids, but also believe kids should be prioritized over other issues. Here in Ohio, children’s health insurance coverage has reached historic levels at 96%. Nationally, nearly 9 in 10 voters support funding for kids’ healthcare. That’s why we are working to ensure that policymakers, regardless of political party, publicly commit to supporting this powerful agenda that puts our kids front and center.