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Know the Issues: Factsheets Available

As the Vote for Ohio Kids Leadership Forum: Moving from Crisis to Prevention approaches on Thursday, October 6th, we’re working on driving forward a powerful agenda that puts Ohio kids front and center.

To provide context around the mental health crisis facing Ohio’s children and families, we encourage you to download the factsheets we’ve created that informed our decision to focus the 2022 Vote for Ohio Kids campaign on the mental and behavioral health needs of Ohio children.

Now more than ever, it's imperative that our state’s leaders chart a path forward to both prevent and mitigate the impacts of the mental health crisis facing our youngest Ohioans.

We must ensure that every child in our state can reach their full potential and have the services to support their behavioral health needs.

If you’re interested in supporting the Vote for Ohio Kids Leadership Forum, please contact us regarding attendance and sponsorship opportunities.


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